Fausto Felix & KingsMen

Energy! Swag! Brotherhood! Those 3 words come to mind when it comes to Fausto Felix and the Kingsmen! Their electrifying performances to Dominican bachata and their workshop energy will stir your passion and satisfy your soul!

Andrew Cervantez

A 3-time world champion and finalist of America's Got Talent, Andrew Cervantez has trained at the top level of dance! He is the director of Yemaya Dance Co's teams and our shining star!

Gaby Equiz

Gaby Equiz from Tijuana Mexico is the former Director of one of the biggest and most recognized performing arts dance schools, Alma Latina. She began training as a dancer when she was 4 years old. She studied Ballet and flamenco in the best schools in Mexico City, Tijuana and Los Angeles. In 2004, Gaby returned to Tijuana and opened an academy of performing arts, in which she could lead children wishing to develop their artistic abilities. Currently, Gaby is one of the most recognized female dancers in Southern California and Mexico and was champion of the World Latin Dance Championships by Univision!

Mariah & Andrea

Hailing from Reno NV, Mariah & Andrea travel their talents across California too! Most recently you might have seen them in San Francisco at SBK! They have a swag to their bachata that mustn't be missed

Maria Ramos

Maria is a national legend whose career highlights include performing in New York and internationally with artists such as Kanye West, Ciara, Shakira, P-Diddy, SNL with Justin Bieber, the Grammys with Rihanna, Choreographed for Romeo Santos in Madison Square Garden and for his album “UTOPIA” and can be recently seen in the movie “In The Heights” by Lin Manuel Miranda. She has online resources for you to learn from at www.mariaramos.dance

Vanessa y Guillermo

Vanessa and Guillermo are instructors in the SF Bay Area certified in Bachata Sensual by Korke and Judith, who founded the style 15 years ago in Spain. They have been teaching together for the past 5 years and founded the dance company, Como el Agua. Their couples and ladies teams perform all over the Bay Area and beyond. Dance background and training include ballroom, modern, Brazilian Samba, Salsa, and Bachata.

Kathy Reyes

Kathy Reyes is a POWERHOUSE in our scene! When you take her class, get ready to MOVE! She's been a staple in bachata over the last 12 years and graced Northern California with her move up to Berkeley! She produces two top dance socials in the bay area and also directs Kathy Reyes Dance, performance teams!

Tony & Gracie

When you see Tony & Gracie perform live, they are ELECTRIC. They are outstanding performers that bring the roof down! They travel the country teaching at festivals across the nation including Chicago, New York, LA and Reno! They have this modern bounce to their style. I'm excited!

Oliver Pineda

Oliver Pineda is Australia’s only 10 x World Salsa Champion.

Oliver is the Founder & Director of the world-renowned Latin Motion Dance Academy, co-founded in the year 2000 alongside Natalie Zeller (formally Reis)

Helen Vazquez

Helen Vazquez has been featured across the globe- competing at Festivals & Congresses where she triumphed and won 1st place Amateur Couple Salsa On1 at the World Latin Dance Cup in 2014. Since then she has performed at the SF Salsa Congress, Reno Bachata Festival, L.A. Bachata Festival, SF Salsa Festival, Texas Salsa Congress, Portland Salsa Congress, Las Vegas Salsa Congress, Vancouver Salsa Congress, US Salsa Open Championships, and competed in the World Latin Dance Cup Miami in addition to various other locations throughout the Bay Area.

Mike Del Campo

A PILLAR of the Sacramento dance scene over the last 20 years, the most addicted-for-life & happiest dancers come from the Del Campo Dance Studio directed by Mike Del Campo! He trains instructors, hosts socials, and has electric energy when teaching classes. You are guaranteed a laugh just by showing up! He also co-directs Team Celebracion which has been making its mark on festivals across the state & Nevada! Catch a local class every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday! You can find classes, (& most importantly, private workshops to help you come correct for the festival!) from his website www.delcampodance.com. Show him love with the code "Mike10" today!

Melvin y Gatica

You might have seen Melvin y Gatica in the DJ Tronky video "You Broke Me First" (https://youtu.be/-RkiTzYmT-k). They have SO MANY fire videos of their dancing on their page and have a lot that they want to bring to their students in Sacramento!

Junior and Emily

Junior and Emily are a brother and sister dance duo who are 8-time World-Renowned Salsa Champions. They have graced the cover of various Latin magazines and been the face of many International Salsa Congresses Worldwide. They have coached celebrities, been in commercials, and been featured on TV! Some of their highlights are being America's Got Talent Finalists, features on Jordan & Monster commercials, and choreographing the Selena Series!

Ofir & Ofri

Ofir & Ofri are many time champions that travel the world instructing at various festivals- most recently Florida 🇺🇸 Prague 🇨🇿 Marseille 🇫🇷 LA 🇺🇸 Ukrainian 🇺🇦 Israel 🇮🇱Spain. They have an online instruction series at www.bebachata.com. Check them out!

Luis Mujica

Hailing from Baja California, Mexico, Luis Mujica Castellano is a world bachata champion and the director of Dream Republic Dance Co! He and his teams have been a staple around Europe and the US- you might have seen him most recently in Reno!

Jose Luis Gutierrez

Jose Luis Gutierrez of Miami, FL is the director of Karibe Dance Studio! He has competed and won more than 20 local competitions and has participated in major salsa events such as LA Salsa Congress, Tampa Salsa and Bachata Festival, Orlando Salsa Congress, and many more! He has also been featured in dance videos for artists such as La India, Richie Ray, Tito Nieves, Issac Delgado, Bobby Cruz, and Albita.

Zweli Barton

Zweli is the director of PDO Salsa out of Los Angeles and as an instructor has the highest standard for the dancing he has put out over the last 10+ years. He has competed and medalled in the world's most prestigious competitions, including the World Latin Dance Cup!

Eddie Peligro

Eddie Peligro has a very in-demand artist for festivals across the nation. It isn't hard to see why! He has ICONIC passion. Watch the beginning of one of his latest performances! It speaks to the fun and attitude that he has for dance. https://youtu.be/jFn63xmYIYM

Javier and Kiki

With over 15 years of dance experience and multiple Salsa & Bachata World Championships among them, Javier & Kiki have earned their stripes as top dancers in the world. While not traveling to festivals, they are owners of Clave & Tumbao Dance Company and Elemento Dance Co.


Erika is the eternal director of the late Quest Salchata Crew - history's greatest dance crew that performed and stole the show both nationally and internationally! Perhaps most notably the founder of Fiercechata, her reputation as an s-tier dancer cannot be understated! She is a living legend as a mother, salsera, bachatera, and ladies stylist!

Cristian Oviedo

Cristian Oviedo is a current 4x World Salsa, 3x World Bachata, 3x World Freestyle, 1x Cha Cha Cha Champion that was born in El Salvador. Oviedo's signature style conveys remarkable range and depth impressing and inspiring audiences with his ability to convey complex emotions. He has also danced with big artists such as Tito Puentes, Celia Cruz, El Gran Combo, Cachao, and many more. Working in Hollywood Oviedo is now an in-demand movie and TV show choreographer featured in series such as Dancing With The Stars. 

Will Y Noura

Hailing from Rome Italy, Will Y Noura are a powerhouse couple that have been to United Arab Emirates, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Dominican Republic, China, USA, Romania, Denmark, & Austria spreading their style! They have teams all over Europe and China and have professional training courses at www.willynoura.it.

Bryon & Sammantha

Bryon & Sammantha just celebrated their 9th anniversary running Inessence Dance Co together. When it comes to urban bachata in Northern California, these two represent our best dancers! They are very in demand around the country and we are lucky to have them so close to Sacramento!

Karol Maracas

Karol is the director of Dancers with Curves! An EMMY recognized artist for her work on Telemundo 52 "Women Who Break Stereotypes", She has also been featured as GFranco's dance ambassador.


Alejandro has been a prominent figure as a Latin dancer for at least ten years! The Rey de Bachata was the lead in MTV's Bachata Nights special and he is the director of Paso de Oro dance company based in LA! He travels the country teaching dance and has to be best known for his signature "Lap Dance Experience"... which he's bringing to Sacramento!

Mireille Ruiz

Bringing a touch of Bay Area variety to the festival, Mireille Ruiz is teaching cumbia! A lot of us here seek classes for this style and this weekend is the perfect time to round out your dance skills!

Carlos y Michelle

Carlos is the one person in the community who has been the people's choice for a dancer to learn from! Coupled with Michelle, former director of Alma Latina in the Bay Area, these two reunite from their days on the ultra- competitive Salsamania team!

Monique Manzo

Monique is the director of the Reno Empire- Reno's home of 27 instructors and two performance teams! They are your home for everything dance and have a website at www.therenoempire.com.

Kayla and Brian

Based out of Seattle, Washington, Kayla and Brian have been making waves throughout the Pacific Northwest and down the west coast! Their backgrounds in Hawaiian hula, Polynesian dance, and hip hop influence their smooth and musical style of Sensual Bachata. Come learn from them and experience their flair and fluidity! Their connection is magnetic and will leave you wanting more. Check out all of their dance content at https://www.instagram.com/kaylabrianbachata/?hl=en

Alien Ramirez

Alien is a 24x World Latin Dance champion. A world-class dancer headlining tv commercials such as Apple & Macys. Choreographer of So You Think You Can Dance USA. She has taught and performed in 5 continents and 45 countries.

John & Liz

Salsamania Productions
is directed by John & Liz, world salsa champions and acclaimed dance instructors. They are known for their hypnotic performances marked by high levels of grace, speed, and technical difficulty. They are equally acknowledged for their ability to provide fresh, accessible and entertaining salsa dance instruction for the social dance environment.